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On Friday October 31, 2003, Citizens Restoring Congamond (CRC) signed a 20-year lease with the Town of Suffield for use of the Babb's Skating Rink. We have a big refurbishing job ahead of us! Babb's Beach - The Babb family operated a summer lake resort on the shores of the Congamond Lake starting in the late 1890s.  The current roller skating rink was built circa 1930 as a dance hall.  The facility hosted well-known musicians during the Big Band era.  The Babb family donated the approximately 7 acre property to the Town in 1977 and Nelson Babb had a life-use of a house and continued to operate the skating rink until 1996.  The 11,000 s.f. building was falling into disrepair and on October 31, 2003, the Town entered into a four-year lease with four extension periods with Citizens Restoring Congamond (CRC).  CRC agreed to utilize its non-profit status to conduct fundraising and restore the building as a rollerskating rink.  The Town recieved a $100,000 Small Town Economic Assistance Progam (STEAP) grant from the State of Connecticut to help with the restoration.  Babb's Beach was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 21, 2006.  Once the rollerskating rink is restored, CRC plans to sublease the building to a rink operator and any profits realized from the sublease will be used for CRC's mission of the protection and preservation of the Congamond Lakes.  Future plans for the town-owned property, pending available funding, include reutilizing the beach area, constructing a bathhouse, and building a pavillion overlooking the lake.
433 Babbs Rd
West Suffield, CT 06093

Babbs is located:

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Please consider contributing towards the restoration. Click here for more information.

Janeene Crane, Ginny Graves, and Paul Yocum sprucing up one of the Babb's buildings

Janeene Crane, Ginny Graves, and Paul Yocum sprucing up one of the Babb's buildings.

The Nelson W. Babb Memorial Music Series
Two Left Feet Blues Festival
Proudly Present

Concerts on Congamond

Babbs Park, 433 Babb's Road, West Suffield, CT
Sunday Afternoons 2-5
$10 Donation at the gate (Except August 10th)

Come by boat or car, bring a cooler and enjoy an afternoon of music by the water.

Also be sure to check out the 2014 Two Left Feet Blues Festival, September 13, 2014




Town of Southwick
Lake Management Committee
Telephone (413) 569-0515 Fax (413) 569-0515

The North Boat Ramp is officially reopened to the public effective 11/13/13. The General Contractor completed work for the Office of Fishing & Boating Access (OFBA) at the North Ramp for the season. A high-profile grooved slab of concrete replaces the individual pads that had degraded and heaved over the decades of use. A new boarding dock abutment, boarding dock and handicap accessible walkway were added to accommodate those wanting to board boats already on the lake, freeing up the loading/unloading docks for the intended use. The new 40’ long boarding dock will be installed by the contractor in the spring. This OFBA project was funded with a combination of state and federal funds and the OFBA already has planned a similar upgrade project for the South Boat Ramp, hopefully to be constructed in the spring.


Jerry Crane

On Saturday, July 13th about a dozen volunteers from Citizens Restoring Congamond and C&S Wholesale Grocers-Suffield gathered at Babb's Park on Lake Congamond to apply the long needed siding to the old rink building. The building has been protected with new roofing and windows and now the siding will not only help protect it but will much improve its appearance. The volunteers were able to cover most of the raw wood in the time they gave us, but there is still more to be done. We will be having another volunteer day to finish the job soon. CRC wishes to thank Melissa Corneliuson Barnes for organizing the crew from C&S Wholesale Grocers and their invaluable help.


CRC Calendar of Events for 2013
(Note: Speakers and other agenda items will be added as information becomes available)

May 14 Monthly Meeting and Agenda
- Lake weed survey and treatment timing
- Ballroom Dance Babb’s Fundraiser Results
- Fundraising Websites Update
- Watch for “Movies on the Lake” Friday nights @Babb’s – updates

June 11 Monthly Meeting and Agenda
- Lake treatment update (Anne Capra)
June 15 Lake clean-up day
June/July/August Babb’s Concerts TBD (last Sunday of each month)

July 9 Monthly Meeting and Agenda
- Babb’s Concerts Update
- Suffield fireman’s parade float
- Southwick parade
- Sept volunteer appreciation party
July 6th - 4th of July boat parade held
Poker Run Fundraiser! Mid-July

Aug 13 Monthly Meeting and Agenda
- Babb’s Concerts Update
Sept 10 Monthly Meeting and Agenda
- Christmas party & Vacation Update
Sept 7 &8 Suffield on the Green booth
Volunteer appreciation party

Oct. 8 Last Monthly Meeting and Agenda
- Vote for Secretary and Treasurer
- Christmas Party and Vacation Update
- Update on Winter events

- Emails of upcoming Winter Events; also check this web site

- Christmas party

Jan-March – Winter Vacation and Winter Fun Events


Babb's Roller Rink Merchandise

20 minutes of interviews with locals reminiscing about Congamond Lake and Babb’s. Lots of photos included. “Reflections on Congamond” DVD $20

Hanes Beefy-T t-shirt, preshrunk, high quality cotton. Has color photo of Babb’s building on the back, red BABB’S logo on the front. Babb’s T-shirt $12

Approximately 2” x 6” wooden replica. Includes history of this historical building printed on the back $20


Changes and Citizens Restoring Congamond (CRC)

In 1977, the Babb’s family donated the 7-acre property to the Town of Suffield. To ensure the property didn’t further deteriorate, in 2003 CRC signed a lease with the Town of Suffield to make “minor changes” to bring this historic building up to code. However, changes now must include sprinklers and exits for fire protection, new electrical and plumbing, new lighting, tempered glass, a new roof, new restrooms, new party rooms and snack bar, new supports underneath, a new septic sys-tem, a new water line, heating and air con-ditioning, plus doors and ramps to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). CRC needs your help to make this family-fun dream a reality.

I’d Like to Help Restore Babb’s!
Help to restore a family-friendly National Landmark in 6 simple ways:

  • Volunteer any weekend to restore the roller rink and park
  • Donate materials or money, which are fully tax deductible
  • Help write grants
  • Assist with fundraising events
  • Remember Babb’s in your estate planning
  • Sponsor events and be recognized in a permanent display on our website and public relations activities. Contact CRC.


You Can Help Restore Babb's Park

Do You Remember When?

Since the 1890’s, Babb’s has been part of the “fun scene” of our tri-state area, attracting families from miles around. Babb’s began as a camping, beach and entertainment destination. By the 1940’s it presented Big Bands like Tommy Dorsey, Harry James and others. Then as a roller skating rink in the 1950’s it became “The Cool Place To Be.” Many speak fondly of meeting their future spouses there.

Restoring Babb’s Benefits You and Your Community

This historic landmark belongs to the people of Suffield. Once operating, it benefits you by:

• Providing a safe place for youth sports, kids and families
• Once reconfigured, the rink building will accommodate indoor sports, family functions, roller skating, and a host of other possibilities
• Helping fund the protection and betterment of the Congamond Lakes
• Producing revenue for local businesses by attracting families from surrounding communities to the area


What is the plan?
  • Restore building to roller skating rink and multifunction usage.
  • Sublease the building to a rink operator.
  • Any profits realized from the sublease will be utilized for CRC’s mission of the protection and preservation of the Congamond Lakes.

How can you help?

It is with sadness that we note the passing of Mr. Nelson Babb. A wonderful, endearing man who helped make Babb’s Roller Rink and Swimming Park a favorite memory for many of us. May he continue to roller skate through the aisles of heaven.

- The Babb’s Board



Proudly protecting Babb's Historical Roller Skating Rink

Babb's Roller Rink Collectible by Hometowne Collectibles

Click the picture for a larger picture you can print. 
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The Babb's Rink Collectible is a beautifully detailed reproduction of the historic West Suffield, Connecticut roller skating rink.  Cut from ¾" wood, the replica measures approximately 9-½" long and 2-¼" high and contains a history of the rink printed on the back.  The Babb's Beach property, including the roller skating rink, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 12, 2006.

Thank you to our Sponsors from 2012!

Platinum Sponsors
Nargi Family (Michael & Kerri) of Southwick, MA
Freedom Candle Company, of Granby, CT

Gold Sponsors
Crowe Family (Tom & Eva) of West Suffield, CT
Chem-One Supply Company of West Suffield, CT

Silver Sponsors
Hair Unlimited of Suffield
Diane Mason Family Farm Insurance of Southwick
Rockville Bank
Webster Bank
First National Bank of Suffield
Stone Insurance Agency of Suffield

(these sponsors also sponsor the Concert Series)


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